PO Box 14817

Rochester, NY 14614


Founded in the spring of 2021, SPIRIT NYS supports homeless teenagers to graduate high school and encourages them to pursue post-graduate endeavors such as vocational training or college enrollment. Homeless teenagers face huge barriers that impede their ability to finish high school. They are couch-surfing, sleeping in cars, staying at motels, and living in shelters. Their life is in a constant state of crisis, and school is usually their only stability. Imagine your child having to panhandle in Schoen Place for their next meal or sleep in all their clothes to try and keep warm—in a car parked overnight at Eastview. We wouldn't let it happen to "our" kids. So why do we let it happen to any kids? They're kids like yours but experiencing homelessness due to abuse, a parental death, or being LGBTQ+. It is SPIRIT NYS' second year supporting students at Franklin Upper, Northeast, and Edison Tech. Recently, Vertus High School has been added to the list! A high school diploma is a stepping stone to more opportunities for a brighter future. We want all youth to become productive members of society. Please join us in stopping the dropouts! Together we will guide homeless high school teens toward a more rewarding life by helping them stay in school and graduate using stipends, mentorship, and helping fill basic needs.

We focus on: Education, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

We have a matching grant!

Founders’ $5K Matching Gift

SPIRIT NYS’ founders, John and Mary Thompson, are matching $5000 because there is an urgent need to keep students in school. The homeless teens in our program are greatly encouraged when they know people care about them and their future. Double the impact of your gift by donating today!


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