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St. Mark's and St. John's

In an effort to alleviate the impacts of food insecurity in Beechwood, St. Mark’s and St. John’s Spiritual Home has several community-focused missions: the E.D.E.N. (Every Day Eating Naturally) Gardens, Farm Stand, Food Shelf, and Kid's club. Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have delivered more than 1,800 emergency food packages to households across the City of Rochester through our weekly Food Shelf program. St. Mark's and St, John's ensures that the food items contained within these packages meet the nutritional standards of The My Plate federal health campaign. These food items are sourced through community donations or purchased through FoodLink. These food packages are further supplemented by the harvests of St. Mark's and St. John's seven community gardens, which produce more than 4,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables per year. The produce from the community gardens is additionally distributed to anyone receiving food packages at our weekly Food Shelf program. Any produce that remains after our weekly programming is then given to other nonprofits such as Jennifer House, St. Regis Food Cupboard, and Bethany House. Produce sourced from the community gardens is also made available through our Farm Stand Mission, which makes fresh vegetables available to the Beechwood neighborhood at very affordable prices, on Saturday mornings during the months of July-September. The food offering is augmented with produce donations from Sunscape Farms and purchases from local farmers at the Public Market. The Farm Stand provides fresh and nutritious produce for residents of the neighborhood who do not possess access to transportation. St. Marks and St. John's, in coordination with the City of Rochester SOOP program, annually sponsors five paid positions for inner-city youth to gain professional experience working in the E.D.E.N. Community Gardens. For many of these youth, this program provides an opportunity for success in their first paid position. In addition, St. Mark's and St. John's youth programming is extended through Kid's Club, a youth enrichment program that is offered to neighborhood children during school vacations at no cost to their families. Children enrolled in Kids Club receive education instruction, guided craft activities, supervised playtime, musical lessons, and are provided with nutritious lunch and snack options. The Kid's Club program effectively provides high-quality affordable daycare for residents of the Beechwood Community.

We focus on: Health, Human Services

Where we are: Monroe

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