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The Hub585

The Hub585’s mission is to educate, enrich, and empower youth and families through programs and partnerships that give them hope and help them thrive. Our vision is to see a city restored and we believe this happens through strengthening families and protecting children. The Hub585 works to increase awareness to the needs of youth and families and creates a centralized hub for them to receive holistic support. Hub585 is the leading agency behind CarePortal, which is a platform that allows a network of churches, community members, and local child welfare stakeholders to collaborate for the benefit of children and families in Monroe County. Since the inception of the CarePortal in 2019, the Hub585 has served nearly 1,000 children, making an economic impact of over $450,000. After overseeing the CarePortal for nearly two years, the Department of Human Services and the Hub585 have worked together to identify programs that would continue to serve the county’s most vulnerable children and families. The Hub585 currently offers programs and services such as: The Life Launch Mentoring Program for teenagers in foster care, Voices of Hope Young Authors Program for teenagers, Weekly Skill building and after school programming for teens in foster care, Support groups, and the Dr. Sherri Tapp Legacy fund which provides funds and resources for young adult’s transition from foster care to adulthood. Our programs specifically target community youth and families with exposure to multiple ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and youth in foster care. All of the Hub585 programs are anchored in the Hope Theory which expands on Trauma Informed Care while focusing on bringing hope and healing to children and families by focusing on their overall well-being. The Hub 585 has five strategic priorities which are (1) to provide access and support to youth and families, (2) to intensely support transitioning youth to adulthood, (3) to help connect youth and families with meaningful relationships (4) to create a healing-centered approach to service delivery, (5) to increase exposure to the needs of youth and families and create a centralized hub for them to receive holistic support. The Hub585 is committed to developing programs, and partnerships that begin to revitalize families and our community at large. We do this through the development of strategic partnerships with other child and family serving nonprofits and the development of hope-centered programs that empower, equip and give hope to Monroe County children and families. Learn more about the Hub585 at www.thehub585.org.

We focus on: Human Services, Education

Where we are: Monroe

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