PO Box 39601

Rochester, NY 14604

Willow Domestic Violence Center

YOUR GIFT THIS SEASON WILL BE LIFE SAVING. At Willow we believe home should be a safe place, but for those experiencing abuse home is not always safe. Since the start of the pandemic, calls to our 24/7 Hotline increased by 18%. Survivors of domestic violence experienced isolation when lockdown orders took effect in early 2020. Being at home for long periods of time with their abuser, while continuously dealing with the consequences of an ongoing pandemic, have increased already tense situations. Willow has responded to the increased need for safety – both from abuse and COVID-19 – by offering Hospitality Nights to survivors in need of emergency shelter. Due to social distancing practices, our 49-bed emergency shelter isn't enough for those in our community. Hospitality Nights provide survivors and their children the option to stay together in a clean, secure hotel room for the night (or longer). These additional warm beds are critical in keeping Willow’s emergency shelter at healthy occupancy levels while still keeping survivors safe. Together, lets raise $10,000 to empower survivors in our community in their journey to healing. For many survivors of domestic violence, taking the first step towards safety and, ultimately, healing means that families have to leave everything behind. Donations are essential to funding our daily operations, not just during this special time of year, but when survivors need us all year long.

We focus on: Human Services, Animals

Where we are: Monroe

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