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Rochester, NY 14604

Willow Domestic Violence Center

GIVE A LIFE-CHANGING GIFT THIS SEASON! ‘Tis the season of warmth and good cheer, of giving generously of ourselves and spending time with those we love. The holiday season brings light through the darkest days of winter, and the new year brings new beginnings. For survivors, the holiday season is often a time of stress, danger, and darkness. It’s also a time of strength and change—during these months, many survivors take their first steps toward freedom from violence. The need for safety and housing has increased in our community. Willow has responded to this need by offering Hospitality Nights, lock changes, and support with security deposits. Hospitality Nights provide survivors and their children the option to stay together in a clean, warm and secure hotel room for the night (or longer). Lock changes and Ring Camera's provide a sense of safety for survivors in their new home. Security Deposits give a family fresh start when starting over on the journey to a safe and empowered life. Your gift provides safety and hope to thousands of survivors - our neighbors, our friends - within our community. Together, lets raise $20,000 to empower survivors in their journey to healing. By giving today on ROC the Day, you're showing how much you care at a time when survivors often feel very alone. Please give today, so that others may share in the hope and love that we all cherish and depend on during the holiday season.

We focus on: Human Services, Animals

Where we are: Monroe

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