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Worker Justice Center of New York

A disabled factory worker is fired from his job after his new boss throws away his accommodation for his disability. A farmworker is not given proper protection against the deadly pesticides he is spraying. A restaurant worker is sexually harassed by her boss who says she can't do anything about it because of her immigration status. Human rights violations like these happen every day to low-wage workers in Western New York, our bucolic region in one of the richest states in the country. In a state with such vast income inequality, you can help workers build power and fight for their rights. Please donate to Worker Justice Center of New York (WJCNY) today. Your donation helps low-wage workers fight injustice in the workplace, combats human trafficking, supports survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence, and educates workers on their rights. Western New York is known for its farms, vibrant orchards, and festive farmers markets. But many people don't know much about the immigrants who live and work on these farms or about the obstacles they face because of their immigration status, race, and where they were born. When farmworkers and recent immigrants arrive in New York, they are often unaware of their rights as workers here. This group of people is ripe for exploitation by unscrupulous employers, who take advantage of their lack of education, language skills, lack of transportation, and immigration status. Migrant and immigrant workers are often unaware of the services that are available to them, and the legal protections they have when facing abuse or discrimination. WJCNY provides legal help and know-your-rights education services to workers, traveling thousands of miles each year to reach workers in some of the most rural places in the state. Our bi-lingual outreach team works hard to gain the trust of this population, so that they know who to turn to if they experience labor issues. We recover millions of dollars in compensation for workers, money that goes back to workers so they can care for their families, start businesses, go back to school, buy a house, and more. And that's just the beginning of what we can do together! WJCNY has helped workers win monumental rights in New York state in recent years, from the right to collectively bargain, to the right to access a driver's license, to retroactive state support for workers who were excluded from stimulus funds during the pandemic. If you care about human rights, a healthy food system, immigration rights, democracy, and racial justice, please support Worker Justice Center of New York. We are only able to serve thousands of farmworkers in New York State each year because of people like you. Join our community by donating today. Thank you!

We focus on: Human Services, Health

Where we are: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, Yates

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